Frédéric Acquaviva
Jean-Paul Curtay
Isidore Isou
Mats Lindström
Jeremiah Runnels
Mathius Shadow-Sky

CRU is the annual magazine that documents what’s happening or what could have happened at LA PLAQUE TOURNANTE

“4.1. FRÉDÉRIC ACQUAVIVA, MUSIC & MULTIPLES, MULTIPLE MUSICS” (Januar y 20th – Februar y 25th, 2017)
“4.2. ORLAN, THIS IS MY BODY… THIS IS MY SOFTWARE” ( June 23rd - August 16th, 2017)
“4.3. ISIDORE ISOU, FROM LETTRISM TO ETERNITY” (August 29th - September 29th, 2017)

CRU is :
- a physical magazine with 1CD, 1DVD, 3 playlists of exhibited material, 3 postcards, 3 aches and 3 catalogues into the form of posters
- and a virtual body : cru-web.org website, with access through a code only given to those who have bought the magazine, once
they ’ve sent by email their photo with CRU in hands at laplaquetournante.org

CD :
1. ISIDORE ISOU, Symphonie n°5 (2006), 53’15’’. Recorded by Frédéric Acquaviva on June 2nd, 2006, 9.33 to 10.26am, with Isidore Isou’s voice, 42, rue Saint-André des Ar ts, 75006 Paris .
Spatialised by F.A. at CIPM, Marseille, Oc t 27th, 2007 and at La Plaque Tournante, Berlin, Sept 29th, 2017

1. ORLAN, Petition Against Death (2017), 13’36’’, ORLAN + Loré Lixenberg, La Plaque Tournante, Berlin, June 23rd, 2017
2. MATS LINDSTRÖM, Low Fidelity (2016), 16’02’’, La Plaque Tournante, Berlin, June 23rd, 2017
3. FRÉDÉRIC ACQUAVIVA, Aatie-Fragment (2010-2011), 8’27’’. Per formed by Loré Lixenberg, mezzo-soprano and members of the Orchestra della Fenice, conductor Gerhard Krammer. La Fenice, Venezia, May 14th, 2011
4. FRÉDÉRIC ACQUAVIVA, Analog Music (2016), 3’26’’. From the cycle The 120 Days of Musica. Per formed by Jeremiah Runnels at La Plaque Tournante, Berlin, Januar y 20th, 2017. Cameras by F.A. and Virgile Novarina.
Edited by F.A.
5. JEREMIAH RUNNELS, Diplomatic Immunity (2009), 9’24’’. For Baroque Orchestra using mp3 players. Originally created to accompany a per formance of G. F. Handel's Parnasso in Festa. Per formed by early musicians
and singers from the Koninklijk Conser vatorium, conductor Sasha Zamler-Carhar t. Filmed by Royal Conser vator y Tech Department, Grote Kerk, Den Haag, April 24th, 2009
6. ISIDORE ISOU, Symphonie ou Fresque innitésimale / Cantate ou Dessin esthapéïriste / Sonate ou Sculpture esthapéïriste (1976) 1’50’’. Per formed by Loré Lixenberg, La Plaque Tournante, August 29th, 2017
7. JEAN-PAUL CURTAY, Allers Retours, Plaque Tournante (2017), 9’44’’, music On t’aime (1987), La Plaque Tournante, August 29th, 2017
8. MATHIUS SHADOW-SKY, Jinghu Recital Occidentalised by Shadow-Sky (2017), 18’33’’, for jinghu and digital music, La Plaque Tournante, Berlin, August 19th, 2017

all films shot and edited by Frédéric Acquaviva expect when indicated

Thanks to Catherine Goldstein
Published in London, Oc tober 2018, at 500 copies
including 20 deluxe + 10 A.P signed copies from the ar tists with 4 original sound ar tworks from Frédéric Acquaviva, mess (any terrorists in the audience?) (2016), digital print on acetate, ORLAN, ORLAN in concert at Salò with Chicks on Speed (2017), photograph, Jeremiah Runnels, Alarm Karaoke (2018), personal alarm and Mathius Shadow-Sky, Wow! A ball of light has passed through the table that inates music symbols for 4 voices of The Language of Lines (2018), digital double sided print

Publication Directors : Frédéric Acquaviva, Loré Lixenberg
Graphic Design : Nenad Boharevic
£@ß La Plaque Tournante, 94 Palatine Road N16 8ST London UK
… si vous n’êtes pas à La Plaque Tournante, vous êtes à côté de la plaque…

CRU is free from any kind of fundings