CRU is the annual magazine that documents what ’s happening or what could have happened at LA PLAQUE TOURNANTE

“3.1. BODY BODY (Man Gave Bir th To All The Animals)”
(Januar y 20th - March 18th, 2016)
“3.2. LEMAÎTRE 90” (April 24th - June 8th, 2016)
“3.3. MUSIC FOR DEAF PEOPLE” ( June 24th - August 29th, 2016)
“3.4. EDUARDO KAC, From The Pink Miniskir t To the Green Bunny”
(September 14th - Oc tober 31st, 2016)

CRU is :
- a physical magazine with 1CD, 1DVD, 4 playlists of exhibited material, 4 postcards, 4 aches and 4 catalogues into the form of posters
- and a virtual body : cru-web.org website, with access through a code only given to those who have bought the magazine, once they ’ve sent by email their photo with CRU in hands at info@laplaquetournante.org

Publication Directors : Frédéric Acquaviva, Loré Lixenberg
Graphic Design : Nenad Boharevic

ß@£ La Plaque Tournante, Sonnenallee 99 12045 Berlin
£@ß 94 Palatine Road N16 8ST London UK