CRU is the annual magazine that documents what ’s happening or what could have happened at LA PLAQUE TOURNANTE

“2.1. OU:UR:SOURCE” (April 3rd- May 20th, 2015)
“2.2. BROUTIN STEP BY STEP THE NON-PAINTER GRAZES” ( June 26th, 2015 - August 18th, 2015)
“2.3. WOLMAN = LETTRISM + DETOURNEMENT” (September 19th, 2015 - November 13th, 2015)

CRU is :
- a physical magazine with 1CD, 1DVD, 3 playlists of exhibited material, 3 postcards, 3 aches and 3 catalogues in the form of posters
- and a virtual body : cru-web.org website, with access through a code only given to those who have bought the magazine, once they ’ve sent by email their photo with CRU in hands at info@laplaquetournante.org

Publication Directors : Frédéric Acquaviva, Loré Lixenberg
Web Director and Graphic Design : Nenad Boharevic
ß@£ / La Plaque Tournante, Sonnenallee 99 – 12045 Berlin